Freedom from Bell and the telecom monopoly

Support our efforts for municipal / community broadband.

Campaign by ACORN Canada

People in Canada are mostly under the thumb of giant telecom companies like Bell. This has led to some of the highest phone and internet prices in the world.

The federal government did create a federal program for low-income people (ACORN also fought for this!). But it's capped at 200,000, and limited! It's nowhere close to universal to cover low-income people AND it's voluntary, some of the biggest telcoms just opt out.

One potential solution to this problem is Toronto's ConnecTO project which aimed to create a municipal broadband network in the city. However, it seems that Toronto's executive committee have been lobbied hard by Bell and others so back in May 2022, the committee did a 180 turn and started claiming that a new affordable internet network isn't needed, it's like duplicating the internet service!

Now is the opportunity! New local networks are possible. Send a letter to your councillor and the Executive Committee.

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