Affordable Internet: Wake-up call!!!

Give Trudeau a Wake-Up Call: Demand Affordable Internet!

Campaign by OpenMedia

For too long, people in Canada have been paying some of the highest prices in the WORLD for connectivity. Our government promised to fix things back in 2019; but today, we’re still paying an arm and a leg for these basic services.

The Trudeau government has been silent for months on our sky-high telecom bills because they think we won’t hold them accountable. So let this be a wake-up call to our elected officials: you made a promise to lower our prices, and we will NOT relent until you've fulfilled it.

People in Canada currently pay some of the highest prices in the world for home Internet and cell phone data plans. Our expensive bills are a burden on our family finances, and the reason why many people lack sufficient connectivity at home. It’s a severe, urgent, and long-standing problem — made worse by the trail of broken vows our government has left since the 2019 federal election.

The government thinks it can sweep its past promises of lower telecom bills under the rug. That’s why we need to deliver a wake-up call that reminds them just how many people care about affordable connectivity. Email Trudeau and Cabinet NOW: bring down our Internet and cell phone bills to match up with other countries, starting with reversing the CRTC’s Internet price hikes!

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