CRTC petition to allow lower cost cell phone plans from MVNO providers

Let's put an end to high mobile prices in Canada!

Campaign by Freedom Fibers

It is well known that Canada has some of the most expensive mobile data costs in the world. Various studies have demonstrated this such as one from the FCC back in 2016.

Based on the above research, the following dynamic graph clearly shows that Canada is on top of the list as having the most expensive mobile data rates in the world.

How Much It Costs To
Visit a Website

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The solution to this problem is increased competition from independent mobile phone providers which many countries are already doing by allowing Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) who provide service by purchasing wholesale access to towers from an existing operator. However in Canada, incumbent providers are fighting tooth and nail in order to prevent this from happening by creating multiple "Flanker" brands giving the illusion that MVNO's are not required as consumers have enough brands to choose from.

Recent efforts to have the Canadian federal government allow MVNO's have been unsuccessful so far with Ottawa rejecting an appeal by dotmobile to allow true MVNO providers. This would enable cell phone plans to be offered as low as $15 / mo.

Mint Mobile owner Ryan Reynolds who is a Canadian has also made substantial efforts to expand his U.S. based service in Canada but in order to do so, the CRTC must allow MVNO providers without any frequency spectrum or tower building requirements.

Now is the time to take action! Sign our petition today and let's show the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry that Canadians everywhere are demanding lower cost cell phone plans like the rest of the world which we will only get once MVNO's are allowed in Canada.

Take action now by signing our online petition!