Fiber Optic dollar signs
Fiber dollar signs

Our Mission:

Freedom from high fiber costs

Canada's big telecom incumbent providers have been gouging independent Internet Service Providers for far too long and Canadians are paying the price with the highest costs for Internet in the developed world.

FreedomFiber Superheroes

Fight for fiber freedom!

Canadians have been paying some of the the highest Internet prices in the world which are only going to get higher with big telecom deploying fiber to to the home but charging exorbitant prices for independent access.
Although valiant efforts have already been made with numerous petitions to government, prices keep increasing while large incumbent telecom providers keep getting larger and richer. Let's defeat high Internet prices in Canada with a super hero battle to fight back against big telecom!
FreedomFibers, battling high fiber access costs


Did you know?

The wholesale access cost charged by Canada's large incumbent telecom providers to independent ISPs for providing residential FTTH Internet service is almost always higher than the incumbent's regular retail price!



Monthly wholesale cost for an independent ISP to provide a residential FTTH connection

Above cost only includes physical "last-mile" fiber line access without any Internet connectivity.
Additional monthly wholesale cost for Internet connectivity, approxiately $15.00.




One time wholesale cost for an independent ISP to install residential service using an incumbent's FTTH connection

Above cost does not include Optical Network Terminal (ONT) or WiFi router which are also required for service.




Regular retail price from incumbent for 50/50 Mbps FTTH connection

Regular promo: $100 Visa prepaid card and no installation fee.
How can independent ISPs compete?



“Competitors that provide retail Internet services to Canadians using wholesale high-speed services must have access to these services at just and reasonable prices. The fact that these large companies did not respect accepted costing principles and methodologies is very disturbing.”

Jean-Pierre Blais, CRTC chair 2012-2017


Get Involved

There are several ways to get your voice heard and make a difference in getting big telecom to provide affordable fiber access to independent ISPs.

Social media campaigns

Remain informed of our social media campaigns taking place on a regular basis by following Freedom Fibers on social media. By retweeting or sharing our social media messages, you will participate in our mission of lowering big telecom's high fiber access costs for independent ISPs.

FreedomFiber Superheroes

These superheroic individuals will engage in Freedom Fibers campaigns to raise awareness about big telecom's high fiber access costs for independent ISPs. The FreedomFiber Superheroes will save the day by battling big telecom against their high fiber access costs!

Freedom Fibers apparel

Show your support for Freedom Fibers in style with our wide selection of apparel. All sales proceeds will be reinvested so that we may continue our mission to reduce big telecom's cost for independent ISP fiber access.